Life or List?

I’m back in Wellington! Great!

One issue – wasn’t I supposed to have some sort of plan by now? Nothing too taxing, not a life plan or a year plan, or even a six month plan…. Just a ‘What-to-do-next’ kind of plan. I gave myself one month of work free exploration & self consultation time to come up with it. Well, you’ve guessed it. I couldn’t even do that.

So here I am. In Wellington with no job, afraid to spend money & ever so gratefully crashing at my friends place without one iota of a clue what my next step will be.

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A Wellington Sunset

Options include working in Wellington, working elsewhere in New Zealand or working/travelling elsewhere in the whole wide world. I’m swaying towards India or Central America. Stop laughing, yes I’m a mess – but winging it has always been my way!

The question is do I get on with a life in New Zealand or do I get back to my ‘To Go To’ List??

Confidently she looks down to her feet & remembers:

Her feet find their own path




Wellington, my old friend


I’m on the ferry bound for Wellington & I can’t take the grin off my face! I am so excited to see all my lovely friends again & be on familiar territory that feels like home. I feel like I won’t even mind the wind that much seeing as time has erased the ill memories of it.

Sadly I’ve had to miss out on Christchurch altogether as I have some Sports Rehabilitation work lined up for the weekend which I can’t miss. I’m excited to get involved with a competitive sports team again, even if it is only for a few days.


Looking to the North Island I wonder is Wellington the place for me? I am clearly overjoyed to be returning & have a truly amazing group of friends here. I still don’t have a plan despite giving myself a month to come up with one. I need a kick up the arse. But for now, I’m just going to bask in the excitement of returning to windy Welly, the coolest little capital in the world.

We’re on a break

We had our fun.


We met on a blustery evening almost 3 months ago. The rain licked my face & my hair hung wildly. We liked each other instantly. Even in the dark cold night I could see all the potential you possessed; your beauty, the fun & friendships you could open me to, the great nightlife & entertainment on offer. You were what I craved at that time. You saw me as the bright eyed inquisitive backpacker I was, ready to explore & enjoy all you had to offer. We bonded effortlessly over the first few days & quickly fell into an easy going, loving relationship. I built a life around you & you invited me into your world with open arms. I am so grateful to you for making me feel so welcome.

Life with you in it has been undoubtedly fun. You have ticked all the boxes I was seeking. We have had our bad days when I felt like you were treating me awfully. You made my life difficult & I wondered why I was wasting so much time with you. Then you would uplift me with a ray of sunshine & a beautiful moment. I feel like I fit somewhere & I am content….Mostly. Yet I question do I want more?? Am I overthinking? Is there more out there?


That is why, Wellington, we are going on a break. In January I am going to the South Island for a few weeks. You will still hold a special place in my heart & I will be back to reconcile our relationship & see if we can salvage what we have. I am so happy we met & I fully appreciate everything you offered & we shared during my time here. You are a wonderful wee city. I am sorry for betraying you in a bid to discover somewhere better.

Proposal of Intention made

I have a plan! Well, not so much a plan as a proposal of intention.


I’m going to the South Island at the start of January to discover & explore for a few weeks. At the end of January I’m flying from Christchurch to Wellington in time for the Rugby 7s. Perfect!

By this time I hope to have a clearer idea of where I want to settle & work – & whether New Zealand is the place for me right now.

I have handed my notice in at work & will finish on New Years Eve. This will be my first New years eve in 3 years where I’m not working at midnight & I am elated! I made a promise to myself last year that I would be off work & celebrate like a regular person. I’m going on a new years eve road trip around the north island for a few days. I couldn’t ask for a better start to 2016!

I feel so much better to have an idea of what the next month holds for me rather than winging it in Wellington for another while. My next question is the cheapest & funnest way to get around the South Island – Stray bus? Hitchhiking? Driving?

Getting into my rhythm

“Normal life”, I’m doing it! I’m NAILING it! I work 5 days a week, I meet friends & go for coffees. I go to the cinema, go for brunch, go for lunch. I meet people for drinks. Frequently. I go to see plays, I go to the museum, I go for walks & explore. I am really finding my rhythm in Wellington.

It is so freeing to have allocated days off, a set start time & the opportunity to give shifts away for an extra day off.

I wonder why I busted my balls for so long working more than one job, doing 60+ hours a week, being on call with no reimbursement, not giving my personal time the priority it was crying out for.

I am basking in this newfound normality.



How do you prioritise your day to day tasks or one thing over another? I’m not sure if I’ve nailed this or I’m an aberration…. I go for the option I can extract the most joy from, whether it conforms with the norm or not is irrelevant to my decision.

I moved into my new flat over the weekend & was working a lot so after a few days I hadn’t managed to buy anything for it & was still living out of my backpack & cheap restaurants. When I eventually got round to doing a bit of shopping I came home with this….


Tea? Coffee? Milk? Food? The essentials??? No. I went for inner peace, luxury & happiness boosters! – a Lush haul, a bottle of wine & a candle. Now I’m off to have an afternoon soak in the bath & really appreciate the good life.

Setting my backpack down

I have a home!!!! Oh the bliss & relief at being able to set my backpack down for 6 weeks. I am so happy!!!!


I have been slumming it in a hostel for a week so I am delighted to have some private space. I wasn’t exactly slumming it in the hostel. I don’t actually mind hostels. It was a bit annoying when I had to check out & wait till check in time for the extra days I booked. It was obviously annoying when people talked late at night or early in the morning & fucked about with the lights & door slamming etc…. But I honestly don’t mind hostels. They are super functional & great to meet people.


My new home is ideal for me! It’s in a cute artsy area with a craft brewery, cafes & a wee park to chill out in. I share with 3 others & I have a big double room & most importantly the flat has a bath!!! It’s a 15+ minute walk to town. The biggest dependent being traffic lights – seriously there are 6 sets between here & town & it feels like I stand at them for a lifetime.

I’m not just here to complain. I am seriously content to have a home. It is, however, absolutely BALTIC!!!! New Zealand does not believe in central heating, insulation or double glazing – they left that off the brochures! As someone who is ALWAYS cold I am already finding this a great struggle. When I get too cold I just want to remain still & my mood sours to miserable. I try to fight it but I am totally unimpressed with waking up to a cold nose & icy hands. I can only presume this is the result of a previous life where I obviously froze to death – hence the negative mood association. Right??


I feel blessed that I wasn’t here during the winter. I would not have been able to cope! I’m finding Spring tough enough at times! I’m hoping to go to Queenstown for Winter & I sincerely hope they believe in central heating, double glazing & insulation. If not, it could be a short stint for me.


It all fell into place


I have been in Wellington for 5 days & I have a bank account, IRD number & drivers licence on the way & a library card. I have a full time job & a home I move into next week! I have friends, a favourite cafe, my regular sushi place. I have a grasp of the area & big plans to explore. I’m surprised everything came together so quickly, easily & naturally.


Wellington is now my base until the first week in December. At that point the lease on my accommodation is up & I can either move on or stay in Wellington. It’s simple!

It’s such a relief to have this short term plan. It’s ideal for me to be able to put my backpack down without the crippling threat of immediate decisions & the commitment to stay! Now I can focus all my energy on the one thing I most wanted to do – bask in an english speaking city!

Windy Wellington


“Windy Wellington” – That was frequently mentioned in the many conversations I had with people before coming to New Zealand. It was mentioned so frequently that you would think one would acknowledge this short statement as something legitimate. You would think so, right? Me, no. I thought every person was exaggerating & that I would surely manage an odd blow of wind every now & then.

Skip to me being windswept down the street along the exposed waterfront, attempting to seem composed & in control of my fluctuating pace coincidentally synchronised with the blasting tumultuous gusts of wind. Note my shopping bag flailing helplessly & my dishevelled hair concealing my vision. I was cursing myself under my breath as streams of wind induced tears were rolling down my cheeks. I acknowledged.


It would seem I have created a hardy & ‘rise to occasion’ self impression. In hindsight, this self impression is highly flawed. I am a fair weather girl through & through. I abhor being too cold & can’t quite handle being too warm. I dislike the rain when I have to be outside & I only enjoy the snow at more than 1500m on a crisp sun kissed day when I am in appropriate attire. I detest a white vacant sky, I feel damp days chill my bones & I am convinced thunderstorms give me migraines. I am built for blue skies, medium sunshine & beautiful sunsets.

Wellington has a 4 seasons in one day attitude. When you go out be sure to pack your sunnies, umbrella, scarf, coat & enough layers so you can peel down to something cool. This is far too much pressure for me to plan. I am a throw-something-on-&-run-out-the-door kinda gal. I do not overthink or think quite enough about what I should wear. I always get it wrong. This could be the making of me to transition to a clothes to weather appropriate adult!


I have arrived in Wellington!!!

My initial impression is a friendly easy going centrally located city with a nice buzz about it. It seems to have a good selection of entertainment with various theatres, cinemas & comedy nights as well as the usual night life selection of bars & night clubs. There are plenty of restaurants & cafes around. Wellington seems to be pretty big on coffee & cafes. I’m somewhat indifferent on where this lies with me considering my recent coffee free effort.

I have a free home for a few days so I will hopefully find my feet & set up a bank account & get my IRD number here. Who knows how long I will settle for. I’m very happy to have a base in an english speaking city for a few days anyway!