Dear Switzerland, I miss you

I cannot wait to get back to Switzerland. I am super excited about learning to snowboard. I don’t have much time left until the end of the season & I feel like I’ve hardly spend any quality time with my friends. Literally, where has the season gone? It has went even faster this year than the previous 2 seasons & somehow there are less crazy memories.
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What have I been doing for the past 3 months!!?:
  • Had my first snowboard lesson
  • Enjoyed après drinks in the sunshine with the most beautiful views
  • Watched the entire Love/Hate series, that was amazing!
  • Worked my hooves off & have nothing to show for it
  • Moved house 5 times
  • Worked some more
  • Partied very hard about 6 times
  • Nannied the cutest kids
  • Blogged
  • Went to Morocco
  • Listened to London Grammar constantly
  • Caught a virus
  • Starting running
  • Started #take12trips
  • Invested in my skincare
  • Ate pasta
  • Ate cheese
  • Watched dinner date a bit too frequently
  • Read 3 books
  • Broke my celibacy
  • Drank coffee
  • Watched Ireland win 3 6 Nations games so far
  • Basked in many baths
  • Didn’t find a post season job
  • Daydreamed on Skyscanner
  • Anticipated the new Formula 1 season

I’m really going to make the most of it when I get back. Being sick last week & unable to do anything or see anyone has really made me want to get out there & see & do everything.

Switzerland, I hope you are ready for some serious quality time! See you on Sunday x


Another Merry Christmas away from home

My flights are booked to go to Switzerland just before Christmas to work during winter. They have been booked for over a month but I have been putting off telling my family. I work abroad most of the year & find that my timing in telling them has to be impeccable. I have to time it just right so it isn’t immediately after I get back from somewhere, just before I leave for somewhere or while I’m out of the country….. There is a small window of opportunity. My sister is the first one to react “Awk Nuala” she mutters annoyed & disappointed. I sit awkwardly as she motions to her children & says they’ll miss me on Christmas day. What can I say?
It’s not that I dislike Christmas at home, Christmas week is the busiest week for me work wise in Switzerland. The ski resort is at capacity & I am fully booked doing treatments & earning an income. I have a great work ethic & I don’t really see Christmas as a holiday. In Ireland I used to work long hours on the build up to Christmas & a 12 hour day with no break on Christmas eve. My dad would do some work on Christmas day & I would be straight back to work & in my usual routine on Boxing Day. I drank plenty with my family & friends in between, but it would never feel like a holiday to me – unlike others who get a few weeks off work to enjoy it. Actual time to switch off & enjoy the break. Oh, the beauty of working in customer service. 
*rolls eyes* 
This will be my third consecutive Christmas spent in Switzerland. I am going to be in one of the most beautiful places on earth spending it with the wonderful community of friends I have found. I will have to work, but it will be grand. Dependent on when I will be working, I will have poached eggs & an Irish coffee for breakfast, go for a Christmas ski (depending on how I feel from the night before. Note that the Irish coffee will happen hangover or not!), visit friends, Skype family & friends at home, pitch in making a big dinner with my friends, do secret santa, eat, drink & go to the bar. The sense of community, love, warmth & acceptance between all the displaced seasonaires is immense.
Before I leave Ireland, my family will have a big Sunday roast & I will give them their gifts for Christmas day. I will squeeze in as much quality time as humanly possible & invite people to the house for post dinner drinks & premature Christmas pudding. There will be rain pelting the windows outside & a roaring fire, laughter & mulled wine inside.
I won’t miss much from home over Christmas. The things I miss the most are my dog, the people, the craic & food – not anything exclusively Christmas Day affiliated. It doesn’t have to be Christmas Day for me to eat plenty of good food or enjoy the craic & a few drinks with family & friends. I can do that almost every day. You don’t have to restrict your merriment to 1 day a year.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Travel day!

With 3 hours sleep & miserable as fuck from my cold & hatred of flying I attempt to embrace my day of travel.    *sigh*

This will be my 18th flight in 12 months.    *sigh*

I am perplexed at how I can afford all these flights & how I managed to actually have the will to live to take them. For me that shows a certain strength of character & my determination to travel & explore. All of these flights have been alone. I think all my flights excluding 6 in the past 13 years have been alone. I’m not sure how to travel with a companion now. It would be strange…..

Packing was as drawn out & relentless as ever. I now know that my issue is that I’m too resourceful & see potential use in all my belongings. If only it was as easy as packing my clothes, cosmetics, entertainment & travel documents. I am packing herbs that I struggle to find, chocolate I know my friends will love, secret santa gifts, forward planning birthday gifts, homely comfort items, rehab kit, etc. I need to streamline this. A lot.

I am also a bit scatty. I take it too far. I love my home comforts but sadly that’s where I have to leave them. I also didn’t check the side compartments of my luggage until my bag was being weighed at check in – a tanning mitt & table ping pong set were waiting patiently from my flight from Italy over 2 months ago. I really need to get my act together!

Yet again I am travelling into the relative unknown. I’m going back to my favourite winter home, a beautiful ski resort in Switzerland. This will be my third Christmas here, the unknown aspect is with regards to my work & the duration of my stay. I am going to be working for a nannying company & hopefully I’ll be able to pick up other work during the busier times. I am staying as long as I have work, or until I get bored or something else comes up. I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure and path.

I presume I will stay for a month at least. By then I should have come up with something new & had a good catch up with my wonderful friends. I need to recharge my soul with the fantastic bunch of people I am privileged to call my friends. Laughing, hugging, drinking & dancing. I can’t wait for it all to begin!

Merry Christmas!


Packing for an unknown period is surprisingly unpressurised this time. Being in the mindset that I’m going for 2 or 3 weeks makes it seems like a conquerable task. If I stay for another week or 2 it’s no big deal. I’m so laid back that I still haven’t packed & I leave in less than 24 hours. I still have to deliver presents, visit people & get my hair done….. I know I am lulling myself into a false sense of security & when I finally get round to packing it will be as hellish as ever. I am so self manipulative & a bit of a chancer.

In a bid to further draw out my packing postponement I have booked a bikini wax as well. That’s how bad packing is for me. I would rather have my intimate flesh ripped at with hot wax by a stranger – & pay them for the pleasure than pack. I even have time to blog. I am the queen of procrastination, disciples of productivity bow before me & be transformed.

I am struggling to remember the things I always wished I had packed when I’m in Switzerland. These will come to mind as soon as I board the flight. Funny how when it’s too late to do anything about it my mind escalates in clarity to expose a world of things I should have done/brought.

I better go & pack now. Wish me luck maintaining this laid back attitude. Long may my deceitful attitude last!

The Other Side


I am delighted to report that I have made it to the other side. I have unpacked, settled into my new home, met up with my friends for drinks & contracted altitude related VerbiAids. It happens to even the most seasoned seasonnaire.

I have left my native Ireland for my second ski season in Switzerland. I am working in a beautiful & exclusive resort as a masseuse & sports rehabilitation therapist. I won’t even begin to describe how striking my surroundings are. I will attempt to transport you here via photography however the only way to fully appreciate the beauty is in person.


I am being hugged by the Swiss Alps. They are comforting, superior & extraordinary. They elevate my mood & render me speechless. They exude class & unrivalled perfection. I feel so blessed to be able to call this home.


Packing – my personal hell

So here I go, on my travels again.

If I give you the impression that I enjoy travelling – please do not be deceived. My family & friends on twitter will tell you that the whole process of packing, getting to the airport, flying & getting to my destination accumulate to an extraordinarily prolific stress peak in my merry contentment. I am my own worst enemy in this domain. I have a sharp mind for conceptualising how dynamic & invaluable every item can be. Yes, I see the potential in my favourite ripped pyjamas, old phone – I know you will come in handy, 3 eyebrow pencils to be on the safe side…. At this rate I am going to be the looking like a tramp with fierce scouse brows, a phone I can’t operate & incredibly horrific posture from carrying everything.

I certainly don’t make things easy for myself. I insist on visiting people who I haven’t seen in a long time, catching up on gifts I haven’t given & gifting people whose birthdays I will be missing. Everything I haven’t had time to do gets wedged into this last week before I leave. Understandably my suitcase, which has been treated ashamadly badly, is bidding for it’s desired exit plan. Combustion. I know with all my heart that the day I go to collect my beloved suitcase to find my belongings have exploded without my close thsupervision is ebbing closer. It will be like a massacre of my livelihood. I am expecting this to occur when I return from a trip where i have went wild shopping at some sort of sex convention….. I take comfort that God’s humiliations upon me are becoming somewhat predictable.

So here I go. Completely exhausted, anxious & living in fear about travelling. Not exactly my chosen path to my new life in Verbier. I take comfort these feelings will disperse on the other side to make way for my excitement, thankfulness at how lucky I am & total & complete overwhelming joy. I know I will never change. This has been my pre trip routine since I was 16. Who would change me though? I love the thrill of getting away & the love of all the people I visit just before I go. I will never change & when I’m very old with my wrinkles & dismembered posture I will smile at my adventures & plan my next one.

In conclusion, 6 months worth of belongs do not fit in to 30kg. It can’t be done.