Delhi Belly: The reprise

After another perfect night of Parks & Recreation, a glass of red wine & half a brownie I doze off to sleep content. Ten minutes later my stomach is making some concerning noises & I am wide awake clutching it, silently begging no.

Yes. My second dose of Delhi Belly in 2 weeks. I was miserable. I was on the toilet all night with an aching stomach feeling nauseous & burning up. I lay on the cold floor in a desperate bid to regulate my temperature blocking out my forefront questions of hygiene. I cringed at my poor roommate who can hear every nasty bodily noise erupting from me on the other side of the door. It was a long, sweaty night (not the good kind!).

In the morning I was so grateful not to be toilet bound. My poor tummy. I can’t figure out what exactly it was. I am weak, unhappy & drained (literally). I am also homeless at midday with nowhere to go.

Clutching my dodgy tum I hobbled around the streets keen NOT to venture too far from my hostel & the sanctuary of the toilet. I was determined not to climb the 100 steps which would obviously induce some sort of bowel collapse & found somewhere to stay much closer. I found somewhere nearby that would have to do. It’s freezing cold, feels less safe & is more expensive, but it has a private bathroom & I don’t have to move far which are todays top criteria in finding a new room for the night!

My bowel movements were occurring less frequently by midday & I risked a chai with my friends before leaving the hostel. When I threw my 15Kg bag on without anal leakage I had faith that I was out of the woods. Sorry for being graphic – but surely you expected this kind of chat when you read the title of the blog?

My new room still contained the remnants of the last guests. They had left me an encouraging note amongst other things.

I did my best to make myself cosy & huddle in blankets with the aim of rest to improve my dodgy stomach in the safety blanket security of close proximity to the bathroom. My day ultimately over I browsed on Skyscanner thinking of my Indian visa expiration date quickly approaching. Open to all options I pondered where I should go next. Then I booked a flight to Nepal for a few days time. Just like that. I adore the freedom I have backpacking.


My footsteps make their own path


Day trip to Bangalore, India

Today I am feeling a bit better & am torn between keeping low to get better or venture out & explore. Naturally exploring wins! I ask at the hotel reception for information & they look blankly at me. I google areas to wander around & hop on the bus going to town.

On the bus all eyes are on me. I feel like a circus freak. The bus is packed & I’m stood at the front for all to oogle.

The front of the bus is for women & men have a separate entrance to the back section where they sit. I sigh with relief at the segregation. According to google this bus should take me to the area I want to go to but apparently this was not the case. The ladies at the front of the bus tried their best to guide me & translate to the ticket vendor. I take their advice & hop off the bus is the middle of fuck knows where & wait for another bus. By this stage I have completely lost all orientation & will to explore. The roads are so incredibly busy with traffic. Busier than you can even imagine. The roads are dirty & dusty & there is a thick smoke in the air. The noise of beeping horns is suffocating & incessant. The smell is unpleasant & it is so hot & humid I struggle to catch my breath.I hop on another bus & have to change again with no clue where I’m going to until I finally reach a bus station, unsure of where exactly I am.

I wander around in hope but I just see beggars & staring faces. I haven’t seen another Westerner for 3 days & it is clear that they don’t frequent these areas. It wouldn’t bother me usually but the locals cannot take their eyes off me. I looked for wifi to try to get my bearings & come up with an action plan but to no avail. Tired & still recovering from my sickness I give up on my outing & retreat to the dirty, busy bus station. I sit being watched for an hour hoping a bus will eventually turn up to take me back towards my hotel. I berate myself for wanting to explore & feel I should have had a quiet day to build my energy up again & get ready for travelling tomorrow.

The bus back isn’t as long as my 1 hour plus trip out here. The bus abandons me somewhere I don’t recognise. I could literally be in any area of Bangalore. I don’t have a clue. I stop & ask for directions & walk, being watched like a hawk, for 20 minutes before I find my street. By this stage I’m hungry, fed up & tired. Unfortunately the smell of Indian food makes me feel queasy which is awful because I adore Indian food. I’m starting to get my appetite back but I can only eat Western food which is so frustrating. I would love a curry but my brain & body are telling me no. I settle for a dominos pizza which tastes processed & unhealthy. I go back to my room, craving the luxury of not being looked at.

Absolutely not the Indian experience I came for!

Hostel in the middle of nowhere, Bangalore, India

This hostel is in the middle of nowhere. In travelling the unknown it can be hit & miss. This is indubitably a miss.

My sickness has developed to nausea & diarrhoea so I am happy I have a private bathroom, even if it is grubby. I haven’t met anyone else staying here so I can’t make new friends. It’s so empty it is almost eerie. It is more a cheap hotel than a hostel. The staff don’t speak english & despite seeming friendly they are completely unhelpful. How did it get such high ratings???

I explored the area on my own & presume I am the only white girl around as people cannot stop staring at me. I feel disgusting from my sickness & highly agitated. The area is one main street of random shops, some fruit & veg stalls, non-tempting street food, a bazillion Indian men, cows #standard, street dogs, half arsed construction, litter… There is nothing redeeming about this little slice of inner suburbia.

I pick up some snacks & retreat to my room to nurse my unwell body. Feeling & looking like an extra from the walking dead I curl up in bed relieved I have nowhere to be & nothing to do. I don’t have a great feeling about this place & there’s currently nothing I can do about it.

Delhi Belly in Hampi, India :(

I am not feeling great today. I feel so lethargic & nauseous. I don’t know if it was the heat or something I ate but I feel terrible. I ventured out in the morning but when the midday heat arrived I retreated back to my hut to snooze. All my friends have taken guides to explore the area on tuk tuks & will be swimming in a waterfall or visiting the monkey temple right now while I sweat it out in bed striving for rehydration.

It looks as though someone just dumped the massive pile of boulders behind the palm trees

I feel limited to what else I can do in Hampi due to my monkey phobia & extreme heat intolerance. I’m mildly defeated that it is my time to move on when all my friends are having such a great time. Sometimes I have an amazing ability to suck things up & get on with it but monkeys & heat are apparently deal breakers. I venture out with the greatest intentions but as soon as I see a monkey I freeze then retreat to a monkey free zone. It’s difficult because the monkeys are fecking everywhere & I really freak myself out with them.

I took the peaceful afternoon to ascertain a plan in my head & have decided to flee to the cooler climate in the north. It is such a shame because the south of India looks incredible & I had hoped to visit but I know that it is even hotter there & I will be miserable. India is so vast I knew from the outset that I wouldn’t be able to visit everywhere I wanted to go but accepting this as reality is a bit demoralising.

The monuments were incredible but I was limited in what I could see due to the lingering monkeys

In being forcibly confined I have by default become productive! I have booked a flight from Bangalore to Dehradun (Jolly Grant Airport), via Delhi, in 3 days time. I will visit Rishikesh where it will hopefully be cooler & have less monkeys?? A girl can dream! Tomorrow I will take a night bus from Hospet, near Hampi, to Bangalore & spend a couple of nights there. I have given myself the deadline of tomorrow afternoon to pull out of this sickness. Wish me luck!

My ear just popped & it was better than an orgasm

My sinuses are driving me crazy. Since I took 2 flights last Monday I have been suffering flu like symptoms: heavy face, stuffed ears, runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches & 100% resting bitch face.

I’ve also got my period for the first time in 6 months. My periods are hit & miss on being regular, my body goes through phases thanks to the contraception I use (currently Implanon, the contraceptive implant). I am happy when my period doesn’t come because I don’t have to go through the incredible back pain that comes with them, which rendered me helpless 4 days a month for most of my teens.

I was thinking about my last period in December & recalled that I also had the cold at the time. Coincidence??? A quick bit of research showed that this happens to a lot of people. Like clockwork, when they get their period they automatically get cold like symptoms. EVERY MONTH. It’s a thing!

The mere fact of the cruel existence of this condition upsets me greatly. My boobs are sore, I’m bloaty, irrational, in pain & discomfort & now you want my other orifaces to seep. Oh the agony & intensity. Sleep – my great pleasure has been whisked from me. It is now a time dedicated to coughing, blowing my nose & moving to various positions to stem the nose flow. I am so angered that my nose blows are violent & aggressive. My skin is sore & red & my eyes bulge at the unnecessary pressure & force from behind them.
 After 17 days of my period (yes, I am a trooper) & 16 days of period induced flu like symptoms I can cautiously & reverently say I think it’s over. I won’t crack open the champagne just yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After this episode I hope to stay within the light for at least another 6 months! My light was what I like to refer to as my aural orgasm… & boy was it incredible!
I popped my ear in the bathroom. I wasn’t even aware it required popping. I think it’s been like that for 2 days & had become my auricular norm. By God it was fucking fantastic! I can hear!!!!! Life is on the up! There is hope! Only you are your saviour! Pop your hypothetical ears. Save yourself! See the hope & light!

I made time *sad face*

In my last post I complained that my running resolution for March would be hindered because I had no time. All this week my schedule was jam packed with work, doing between 13-17 hour days daily. It looks like the universe accepted my wish to have more free time & lo & behold – Look! I even have time to blog.

The universe took my shitty comment that I didn’t have time because I had so much work on. The universe struck me down with a fucking misery inducing, vomiting & diarrhoea bug granting me physically incapable of work. Incapable of walking, eating, sipping water, calling for help, maintaining a regular comfortable body temperature or taking medication. Oh to be healthy at work again & to have no time would be bliss!

I was in a dark place during the last 2 days but now my body seems to have settled & I may even contemplate solid food beyond ice cubes! I was so sick the thought of food made me wretch – now this is not the self proclaimed ‘foodie’ we know & love. Needless to say that my skin care went downhill when my poor face got splashed with puke, drenched in sweat & treated to ‘vomit steams’ over the toilet bowl. Yuk.

I am losing out on so much money from not working this busy week. It shouldn’t be on my mind but my never-turn-down-work policy is being compromised. Not only can I not earn, I am also unable to run or snowboard – which is exactly what I wished to do with any free time. *mad face* The universe has not helped me in any way whatsoever. At least I am not spending money on food or booze because I can’t physically eat or drink anything apart from ice cubes. The only good thing is that I can class this as a detox period which will hopefully result in a dramatic weight loss. If only! Although even then it wouldn’t be worth the dark place I was in.

I seem to be on the road to recovery thankfully. I wish everyone good health. I’ve said it a lot over the past month – you don’t value your health until something goes wrong. As minor as my bug was compared to other peoples’ problems, I still felt terrible & will not take my health for granted anymore.

You will appreciate that I am not sharing any pictures of my sickness with you 🙂