Tips for Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek – my definitive list

•I travelled in April & did not require a sleeping bag. All the guest houses I visited had blankets or quilts & I presume you could ask for another if you were cold.

•I took a sleeping bag liner. This is lightweight & takes up very little space. I really appreciated the barrier it provided from the, on occasion, grubby bedsheets.

•Headlamp was necessary for the Poon Hill sunrise ascent & also necessary for the power cuts in the guest houses.

•Bring toilet roll. No guest houses supplied it, although if you’re stuck you can buy it on the way.

•Filtered water. I purchased this along the way at varying costs from 40NPR to 110NPR. If I was travelling more than 4 days I would have considered iodine tablets or the UV filter but I accepted these prices for the short time I was trekking.

•If your guide specifies 3 meals a day please note that you will possible already eat breakfast on the morning you start your trek & you will probably be home before dinner time. This equates to 10 meals instead of 12. We only had 9 & our guide did not refund or apologise for misleading us.

•A porter was not required for this short trip.

•Bring snacks like cereal bars or nuts. I needed a mid morning snack when my stomach just felt full of water.

•I wore the same baggy trousers every day. I wore a different top every day. I had a separate set of bottoms & top for the evening, 1 hoodie & a lightweight waterproof jacket as well as fresh socks & undies for every day & 1 sports bra. Maybe take another bra if you want something to change into after you shower.

•A light scarf was really protective from the glaring sun. I didn’t bring one but a kind lady along the way took one look at my Irish flesh & insisted I take her spare scare. Thanks for saving my skin you wonderful Norwegian person!

•Sunscreen & bug spray are required.

•Small medical kit just incase: anti inflamms, pain killers, antihistamines, diarrhoea tablets, malarial tablets & rehydration sachets. I also took tape because I’m a physio & tape is never far from me. Is that true of all physios???

•Phone charger & battery pack if possible. Access to electricity in the mountain is unreliable & can be costly. On the first day I used some power saving methods e.g. airplane mode & low brightness & I used less than 25% of my power playing music & taking pictures. That’s pretty impressive for an iPhone!

•A good (thin) book. This is a tip I carry through life.

•Charged camera.

•Travel towel, although most of the hotels provided a towel.

•No need for hiking poles, we found sticks along the way & used these when required. My granny loved a good stick for hiking, she would have been proud!

•Earphones & tunes!


•A hat to keep the sun off

•Hand sanitiser

•Shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste

•Lip balm

•A miniature of baileys for your hot chocolate at sunrise


Packing Hell, Volume 413: Operation Grow Some Guns

Well my previous mission to slimline my backpack has backfired in a momentously spectacular fashion! I have not shed any clothes or items as planned. In complete self sabotage I have purchased some new clothes, toiletries & electronics in Australia. The luggage limit to Bali is 32 kilos. I hope I make this. I am am aware of how RIDICULOUS I am.
I surprised myself a couple of years ago with a 10 kilo bag for 6 weeks in Thailand! I have one night to rework this backpack & nail packing once & for all – Or I shall either be building some serious lean muscle or suffering muscle ache as punishment.

Operation slimline backpack

My backpack is 20 kilos. I have no idea how it is so heavy?? I gave a bag of belongings to a charity shop & left a box of things in New Zealand… How on earth is my backpack so heavy & more mind boggling is despite this, I still have nothing suitable to wear. I am going to have to seriously work out my priorities in Australia & ditch some things. I also had big plans to shop in Australia & pick up some gadgets & clothes….. *Hangs head in shame*

I’m going to research travel blogs for advice on packing light – please link any below that you think will be helpful.
I need to conquer my nemises.
Thanks one & all! Wish me luck!

Time to pack up my life

The upheaval is on the horizon. In the next week I shall be moving to Lausanne. Time to have high hopes of reinventing myself, my lifestyle & my future. This will all fade, of course, when daily life & work happens – but I live in hope. With every move I endeavour to find improvements in my self & my happiness. I imagine I will continue to do so for years to come, despite the apparent lacking success rate.

The thought of packing up my life again makes me feel weary, but this is the lifestyle I have picked so I have to deal with it. Tough shit to me. I’ve made my temporary bed, time to make it somewhere else again & lie in it.


Packing for an unknown period is surprisingly unpressurised this time. Being in the mindset that I’m going for 2 or 3 weeks makes it seems like a conquerable task. If I stay for another week or 2 it’s no big deal. I’m so laid back that I still haven’t packed & I leave in less than 24 hours. I still have to deliver presents, visit people & get my hair done….. I know I am lulling myself into a false sense of security & when I finally get round to packing it will be as hellish as ever. I am so self manipulative & a bit of a chancer.

In a bid to further draw out my packing postponement I have booked a bikini wax as well. That’s how bad packing is for me. I would rather have my intimate flesh ripped at with hot wax by a stranger – & pay them for the pleasure than pack. I even have time to blog. I am the queen of procrastination, disciples of productivity bow before me & be transformed.

I am struggling to remember the things I always wished I had packed when I’m in Switzerland. These will come to mind as soon as I board the flight. Funny how when it’s too late to do anything about it my mind escalates in clarity to expose a world of things I should have done/brought.

I better go & pack now. Wish me luck maintaining this laid back attitude. Long may my deceitful attitude last!

Packing – my personal hell

So here I go, on my travels again.

If I give you the impression that I enjoy travelling – please do not be deceived. My family & friends on twitter will tell you that the whole process of packing, getting to the airport, flying & getting to my destination accumulate to an extraordinarily prolific stress peak in my merry contentment. I am my own worst enemy in this domain. I have a sharp mind for conceptualising how dynamic & invaluable every item can be. Yes, I see the potential in my favourite ripped pyjamas, old phone – I know you will come in handy, 3 eyebrow pencils to be on the safe side…. At this rate I am going to be the looking like a tramp with fierce scouse brows, a phone I can’t operate & incredibly horrific posture from carrying everything.

I certainly don’t make things easy for myself. I insist on visiting people who I haven’t seen in a long time, catching up on gifts I haven’t given & gifting people whose birthdays I will be missing. Everything I haven’t had time to do gets wedged into this last week before I leave. Understandably my suitcase, which has been treated ashamadly badly, is bidding for it’s desired exit plan. Combustion. I know with all my heart that the day I go to collect my beloved suitcase to find my belongings have exploded without my close thsupervision is ebbing closer. It will be like a massacre of my livelihood. I am expecting this to occur when I return from a trip where i have went wild shopping at some sort of sex convention….. I take comfort that God’s humiliations upon me are becoming somewhat predictable.

So here I go. Completely exhausted, anxious & living in fear about travelling. Not exactly my chosen path to my new life in Verbier. I take comfort these feelings will disperse on the other side to make way for my excitement, thankfulness at how lucky I am & total & complete overwhelming joy. I know I will never change. This has been my pre trip routine since I was 16. Who would change me though? I love the thrill of getting away & the love of all the people I visit just before I go. I will never change & when I’m very old with my wrinkles & dismembered posture I will smile at my adventures & plan my next one.

In conclusion, 6 months worth of belongs do not fit in to 30kg. It can’t be done.