After handing out 3 CVs in Wellington I have landed a job! I am now a fully fledged member of staff in an Irish bar. Yes, I am ticking clichés & making my CV even more of a mockery.


I am a natural yet also struggling. The till is a logistical nightmare with things listed in random places & under the wrong name. Seriously, this shouldn’t be difficult. My pint pouring skills are warming up after a few 60% head pints. Talking is the easy bit. I feel most comfortable welcoming people & getting them a drink. Ask any of my friends, I am a good hostess!


My last hospo job was working on a super yacht so you can imagine the colossal difference in expectation, service & training.

I am happy to have an income again & It’s so nice to have fun colleagues! I am however craving the 9am-5pm job 5 days a week. Evenings & weekends I NEED to reclaim you!!!!