Decision made


I have made the executive decision to get another job. I can’t work for minimum wage anymore. I’m pushing for a full time job with office hours & good pay. Good colleagues & low pressure would be a bonus.

I am sending this cosmic order out there – if anyone wants to fulfil my order feel free!


Nanny life

I have made the transition from seasonal nanny to full time, live in, nanny. I’m unconvinced whether this was my smartest move.

I’m not really a nanny. I have no formal training. My childcare experience stems from growing up in a big Irish family – If you were old enough to look after yourself you were deemed capable to look after younger cousins. It comes natural to me, I generally find it easy & if I were at home I would no doubt be doing this free of charge for family.

When people ask me what I do I seem to mutter under my breath what I’m doing ‘at the minute’, as though I’m ashamed. Looking after other people’s children & being chosen & desired for the position is a big privilege & responsibility. I feel that this job is not as professional as my career in healthcare that I studied at university & struggle to find a full time job in. Maybe it’s because I put more time & effort into graduating? I feel like a failure for not working in this field & any other job will always come second to working in the sports healthcare. I watch sports on tv & yearn to work in that environment again. Nannying is not bringing me closer to it or doing anything positive for my cv.

I feel quite old to be working as an untrained nanny. Is this something people do in their late teens/early 20’s? Should i not be settled with my own family by now? Should I be hiring a nanny for my brood of children?

All I can do is throw my arms up in despair, save some money & make the most of it. It feels better than yachting….. Better for my sanity hopefully. I will certainly have more freedom & will hopefully make more friends.

In the end it’s not about my job title or personal feelings of shortcomings from not attaining my dream job – yet. My quality of life in a country I have not picked for myself, with no friends or links, & not speaking the native language,  will be difficult – hopefully just to begin with.

Wish me luck on my new adventure! Any nanny word of wisdom, or other, are always greatly welcomed x

Next stop….??

Copenhagen! Lausanne! Copenhagen! Lausanne!


Damn…. I just can’t decide. This has been whirling through my head for days now. I pick one option & feel good about it, then ten minutes later I settle on the other. At this rate both options are going to expire by the time I decide.

Either way, I know my entire life will be affected by my choice – even though the jobs are just for 6 months.

Does anyone have any great tips on making decisions?

When casual conversations turn into panic inducing inquisitions

Yep, just a casual conversation with my friend. He seems to have his post ski season year sorted & is happy about that. Almost smug. Boastful some might say. Less kind people would say he’s being a bit twattish about it, frankly. When he asks me about mine I brightly tell him about my plans to go to New Zealand in September. I have this roughly figured out since October & I am delighted to have direction & focus on the horizon. Go me! *pats self on back*

His face. He looked at me as though I were crazy!

“That’s in 6 months. What are you going to do next?? After this!?”

Is he being dramatic & Italian or should I have my shit sorted out by now. Ok, both. More importantly, I should have my shit sorted out. Queue the panic, searching, applications, waiting & desperation to take the first low paid, little respect position that crawls its sorry ass my way. In fairness, my friend has just recently organised his next few months & shouldn’t be so harsh on me – but then again, my contract in Switzerland finishes in 4 weeks. *Is a little bit sick in my mouth* I need a kick up the arse. What the deck am I going to do?!

Still, I never know whats around the corner. That dream job in Formula 1 could be my next calling – It’s not, but imagine if that was my next job! Shhhhhhh, let me bask in it for a moment…..

Daydreams OVER. Back to the real world with a thump.

Now to take the unemployment bull by the career empowering horns. Can I turn this around? What will it take to get a suitable, challenging job that I’m fully competent in, enjoy & get well paid for? Not even well paid, just a decent wage appropriate to my skills & time. Plus in a country I adore or I haven’t been to yet. Am I asking for too much? Can I make this happen??

I guess I’m just going to try my best & make it work, somehow. Inspiration is welcome as always!

Here’s to taking corners, not knowing whats around them & the security that there are always opportunities hiding & waiting. In case you were wondering, yes, I do drink when I blog & make a cheers to all my readers at the end 😉

Another chapter finished


I’ve left my boat.

I got the nicest farewell. All the crew lined up on the main deck aft & wished me all the best & gave me big hugs. I felt like a guest!

Sad to leave them but I know I’ve done the right thing. I feel happy & I know I’m on course for something amazing.

First of all. Home. Family.



Snakes & Ladders – my career ladder

January 2014

It looks like I’m getting itchy feet again after only being back in Switzerland for a month. I swear this condition is terminal.d6394e5ca3fe11e28ddc22000a9f15db_5

I’m starting to see superyacht jobs being advertised for the upcoming season….. I’m being sucked in by Formula One job advertisements despite my distinct lack in any aerodynamic or basic mechanic skill. There are also massage therapist positions in beautiful exotic resorts.

I will do my usual apply-for-everything-&-hope-for-the-best routine. I can only imagine where I will end up! I can’t wait to find out if it is a positive step on my career ladder or a snake to the depths of the slimey, scaley snake pits of hell…..


Bitches Be cleaning

Cleaning. This is my new life.

I am now cleaner extroardinaire in no less than 4 establishments, where I am highly commended for my adeptness in all that is spick & span – to spectacular standards.

Dust & fingerprints are my krytonite & I don’t mean to sound like I’m big headed but I am fucking SMASHING THEM!

I have perfected the cleaners’ slut drop to quickly polish toddlers fingerprints from glass doors.

I am highly proficient in the cross eyed ‘is that a streak in the glass?’ studious stare – I look like I’m trying to crack a magic eye puzzle. I am fairly confident I will sprain a pupil before the end of the season. One of the chalets is approximately 80% glass….

I have battled as a petite lady making superking beds & relished in the satisfaction of the ease of making up a toddlers cot – Is this how it feels for tall/regularly heighted people to make beds?

I have not successfully mastered the art of hoovers. Two have ceased to suck for no logical reason while one agressively gave me electric shocks. Another made a crude attempt at acting like a trip wire – I broke that bad ass hoover, then whimpered & fixed it in a panic.

I have the proprioception of an agile mountain goat when it comes to cleaning the glass panels bordering the swimming pool. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the multi million pound chalet designer for allowing the ledge I have to balance on to be the exact length of my foot but not quite the space my ass requires. I know this will only get worse for me as my booty flourishes at all the dirty mark slut drops I’ve been doing.

My fitness has plateaued at the level of near collapse with aphyixiation combined with the legs of a bambi on ice when I get to the top floor of the chalet. How is my fitness not improving? I work damn hard for hours every day. How are my legs not big & strong like an ox?! I expected to be practically a centaur by now. Why are my arms not borderline Madonna toned?? How is my lung capacity not superhuman?!
I am starting to question altitude training as one massive performance enhancing cover up.
I’m on to you all *points at athletes ‘altitude training’*

I do love things about my job too…. When annoying guests leave, admiring the guests’ expensive make up, noticing things that remind me that multi billionaires are just normal people, singing my way through changeover days, my colleagues and free stale bread. This is how I’m living my current dream.

As an aspiring yacht stewardess I know this experience will be invaluable for my CV. I can’t help but wonder how tedious cleaning will be on a superyacht & what am I letting myself in for??

For the record I am still eternally on call for my actual massage therapist job…… *Looks wistfully at phone*