I’m feeling odd. Anxious yet exhilarated. The feeling of suffocation balanced by my unwavering reflex to breathe. The urge to relax but the urgency to adventure.
It’s ironic that I’m feeling odd when the feelings above are so familiar to me. I know the symptoms all too well – itchy feet. I feel like I need to move. I price flights. I google places afar. I price flights again. This cycle continues until I take the plunge & book flights.

I’ve booked flights. I’m going to Sydney in a few days, Bali the following week then possibly India.

My mother worries that something terrible has happened & asks why I don’t like New Zealand. Of course I like it! My new friends look awkwardly at me as I tell them. They wonder why I’m being so rash & question why I don’t want to stay in New Zealand. I have 8 months left on my working holiday visa. They question why I want to visit these countries & seem frustrated with my simple response that I’ve never been to them before. My friends minds wander to the cause of my sudden departure being due to a tumour flourishing within my skull causing this scatty, unreasonable behaviour. I might question it too… But this is not an isolated case. This is consistent with my path & decision making history.

This is the last minute, always on the move, always on the cusp of a new adventure, very delicate ecosystem of life that I lead.





I’m constructing an abundance of New Zealand exit plans in my head, but part of me is hesitating. Somewhere in the depths of my mind a whispering voice is deliberating about wwoofing.

I’m signed up to their website & I believe it to be a great concept.

I could learn about wine & cheese making, I could do random things I wouldn’t have the chance to do normally, learn practical life skills I missed out on with my schoolroom education & meet interesting people. If I don’t do it here & now – then when??

I’ve almost talked myself into it then I worry about time. The fear of standing still for even a little while? The guilt of not using the time to earn money & gain the resources for further travel? The crushing truth that my time is getting more precious as I get older & I can’t squander any more of it…..

I’m keen to get decent wifi & time to mull over my options & come up with some sort of action plan.

To wwoof or not to wwoof? That is this weeks question.



Nelson was my destination of choice. I flew here this morning, less than 12 hours after booking my flight. I flew via Sounds Air on a tiny 13 seater aircraft. The flight time was around 30 mins & the views were beautiful.




Now I’m in Nelson I just have to figure out what I’m going to do. I am swaying towards a Stray bus around the South Island. Here goes the next leg of my Great New Zealand Adventure!


When in doubt, panic book a flight


That old chestnut. It gets me every time.

Not sure about what to do or where to go?

Follow these 2 simple steps to recover control & proliferate some life direction:

1 Panic browse flights

2 Book one in vague hope that a plan will follow


This is my 2 step solution to any new year anxiety, stress or pressure you feel. It’s similar to running away from your problems, but with a hell of a lot more velocity than your little legs can manage & you just gotta roll with any turbulence.

Now that I’ve completed these 2 steps, what comes next???


Hello New Zealand! I am in Auckland. It has the feeling of just another city about it…. That is to be expected when you are in another city.
I am so happy to finally be here, in New Zealand, after having it in the back of my mind & as one of the big ones on my list for 15 years! I am sure it won’t disappoint.
I have booked my hostel in town for 2 nights so I can get my bearings & decide what to do next. I have zero plans. I wanted to research but other things got in the way, like work & quality time with my family & enjoying Ireland before I left again.
Sometimes plans can feel suffocating. I relish the freedom to decide on the spot where to go next or to mull over my next stop.
New Zealand I am all yours! Inspire me & I will go wherever you lead me.


I’m in Singapore & boy do I have WAY too much luggage! My shoulders were aching as I tried to find my way to my hostel, all my fault of course. Combined with the heat & the lack of sleep I was struggling. Hell, I may as well blame the haze while I’m at it! ‘At least I’m not on the plane’ were the only words that got me through. Thirteen hours on one flight is far too long.

I found my hostel & I’m in a nice enough 8 bed mixed dorm, ground floor (fist pump). My accolade for arriving was a warm shower I gleefully embraced. It felt so good to be washed again! I went for a walk around the city & hit upon the major attractions – mine being the F1 street track of course.

The architecture in the city is very impressive. The vast size of buildings & the texture & design of others is dramatic. I watched the light show at Marina Bay Sands, if you get a chance do go. It lasts 20 mins & is free. It made me think about socioeconomics & cultural variation – this would totally not be anywhere near Ireland’s radar.

The city itself feels incredibly safe. It is clean & doesn’t give the impression of any anti social activity. The hostel staff assured me that no one will trouble me, even if I walk down the street naked at 4am it will still be completely safe. I hope not to test this theory.

Planning Singapore


One of my favourite things about travelling is the research prior to my adventure. When I see the images in books & online I feel a rise of excitement that I’m actually going to be there experiencing it. I am enraptured with this feeling & the seemingly idle meander of time until I get there.

Next up for me is Singapore!


If you have any recommendations for me, the more random the better, please comment below. Also, if you have blogged about a trip there please send me the link. I would love to read up before I go. Thank you fellow explorers x

Homeland, homeland! Here I come!


I’m on the plane back home for my bi annual visit to the homeland. I am so excited to see my wee dog & my family. Very excited to shop in familiar shops where I know my size, the fit & am accustomed to the price. Excited for the productivity & peace of mind to see to all my appointments e.g. Dr, dentist, hairdresser because my roots are RIDICULOUS. Nostalgically excited to eat in all my favourite restaurants & snack on Irish delicacies like soda bread, potato bread, Tayto crisps, Irish Cadburys chocolate. Mostly excited to relax with company I have known all my life, reconnect & maintain friendships that are lasting me my lifetime.


There is truly nowhere like home, so why can I not stay there? Why do I feel an emptiness & unhappiness when I’m living there. Why do I feel a knowledge that there is more out there for me when this is where my mind wanders to when I’m not in Ireland.


I hope I find what I’m looking for soon because this uncertainty & constant moving is growing tiresome…. But I love it!

My second ever ski resort

I’m on the move again. I’m nannying in another ski resort in France this week. I’m super excited about going to a different ski resort! Despite doing 3 ski seasons I have only ever stayed in 1 resort. Sadly, I’m a bit bummed that I can’t snowboard when I’m there because I’ll be working every day. I hope the family are nice & the kids are super fun & well behaved.
As per usual, this was a last minute decision. I heard a family needed a nanny & said I would do it before I asked too many questions. I need to protect myself against the unknown more & stop care freely embracing it. I have a feeling my good fortune is going to run out soon & I may find myself needlessly in a difficult situation. Best not think like that & continue to keep my head up & remain positive & optimistic.
I will keep you updated on my progress. So far I have packed quickly, last minute & without too much difficulty. I forgot my toothbrush – no idea why my behaviour is that of a rookie traveller. Maybe I subconsciously wanted some retail therapy in the form of buying a new toothbrush? I’m probably due a new one anyway. Although maybe I’m too lax about travelling & packing. I have my key items that I would struggle without & the rest are luxury items which make my life much easier.
I have to get the train to Geneva airport then a 3 hour transfer to the resort. I hate travel days but at least I’m not flying!
Wish me luck! x