Reiki Level 2, Pokhara, Nepal

After 3 days I’m starting to wonder have I signed up for a Reiki course or am I paying an old man to watch me sleep??

I’m unsure whether I’ve signed up to a Reiki course or I’m just paying an old man to watch me sleep…..

I had a dismal experience in India completing Reiki Level 1 so why I proceeded with a sinister looking Reiki master in Nepal for Level 2, I’ll never know. I feel really uncomfortable with my reiki master. I find his voice grating & his attitude & teaching dull & uninspiring. During our sessions I repeat words I don’t understand while etching symbols in the air that have no meaning to me. This is not the most productive use of my time I agree. I continue anyway, hating every moment.

When the Reiki master gets bored of me he asks me to lie down while he performs Reiki on me. Or so he says. I quickly fall asleep. Every time. I wake to him informing me the session is over & I am covered in dainty little flowers. When did that happen!??

I thank him & pretend to be refreshed &, ‘like, totally attuned’…. He opens his arms to hug me & I shudder. I hold my arms open, mirroring his gesture, but holding my distance. I know this move has worked the last few days at deterring the follow through of a hug. He nods confused at his weird socially incompetent student. He presumes we don’t do hugging in Ireland. I don’t correct him.

I leave happy of my intact personal space but wondering how I always get myself into these situations & why I don’t do anything to break the habit. I turn up the next day for 3 painful hours & a creepy nap. This is my life now. I am a mere puppet to my hastened life choices.



A Random purchase

Today, completely out of the blue, I booked a SKY DIVE for tomorrow morning!


It isn’t something I ever had a strong inclination to do. It was never on my to do list & I always dismissed it as being too expensive.

I, maybe wrongly so, find it very self indulgent spending big amounts of money on myself for things that aren’t necessary or practical (travel excluded, obviously). I always travel on a very tight budget & miss out on most of the activities other people do. Hopefully my mindset is changing & I can take the full experience from places more often – funds willing!


Farewell Nelson, maybe

imageI’ve enjoyed kicking back in Nelson. I’ve been staying at Paradiso Backpacker Hostel* which is awesome. It’s clean, the staff are friendly & they have a free unlimited wifi, a pool, hot tub, sauna, volleyball, table tennis, free breakfast, free soup & bakery leftovers! It’s a 10/15 minute walk out of town but it’s no big deal. I was paying $30 for a 4 bed female dorm, however there seemed to be plenty of other options including camping & camper vans/cars.
It has been interesting adjusting back to hostel life after renting my own room with the same housemates for over 2 months & having my own apartment for 6 months prior to that. I miss the ambiance I forge in my own space. I’m also adversely reacting to the potential friends in the hostel by thinking of them as strangers & really missing my lovely friends from Wellington! This conflict of emotions is encouraging me to take a day or two to adapt to my new lifestyle choice. I have poignantly questioned why I have the incessant compulsion to build a life & routine for myself just to walk away from it, move & start all over again. Why?
After much deliberation I have decided to travel with Stray** bus for my trip. I’m going to make life easy for myself for a change – they take you to all the main places of interest, make stop offs on the way & guarantee you accommodation. This will save me a lot of time, thought & energy making plans & booking & finding hostels, as well as saving me the stress of not being able to find anywhere as it is peak season & the hostels seem to be at full capacity. I have opted for the South Island pass (The Ron Pass) which includes the deep south. This pass is valid for 1 year, I can use it multiple times & it cost me $699 on offer (they seem to have offers on all the time). Another great thing about travelling on Stray is that I will meet fun like minded folks with reciprocative attitudes to myself, keen to travel New Zealand & have an epic time! This is probably the main reason I favoured it over traveling alone via campervan.
I purchased my pass 30 minutes ago & I am on the waitlist to travel to Abel Tasman today so maybe I’ll be on the bus in half an hour or maybe I’ll go tomorrow. Either way I am packed up & going to sit outside my hostel & wait to find out!
Here’s to adventure, new friendships & the freedom to be so laid back!
*Paradiso Backpacker Hostel Nelson
**Stray Travel


This time around I have decided I want to do something rather weird & quirky….. Nothing too dramatic. Ok, so I have pondered getting the side of my face pierced but I have opted not to pursue that (for now). I am thinking of a crazy trip somewhere – like ride a tuk tuk around India or cycle the South Island. Something a bit less done. Something I would not have previously contemplated.

Inspiration is always welcome on this blog so please post any suggestions in the comments for me 😀
On a side note I am also considering a dry January or something slightly less restricting. So far I have went 4 days without booze which is possibly the longest I’ve ever gone without alcohol in New Zealand. Working in a bar exponentially increased my alcohol intake. My body will revel at the long overdue & wholly deserved respite.

Today is Day 1 of running! I went for a run to the centre of New Zealand this morning! It was not the flattest terrain I could choose to begin running again, but it was fun. It was rewarding to get to the viewpoint & I’m exhilarated to call myself a runner again! ☺️🏃💨

I hope to make little adjustments in my lifestyle for as long as I can maintain them while coming up with my random epic trip…. Happy new year everyone! x



I’m constructing an abundance of New Zealand exit plans in my head, but part of me is hesitating. Somewhere in the depths of my mind a whispering voice is deliberating about wwoofing.

I’m signed up to their website & I believe it to be a great concept.

I could learn about wine & cheese making, I could do random things I wouldn’t have the chance to do normally, learn practical life skills I missed out on with my schoolroom education & meet interesting people. If I don’t do it here & now – then when??

I’ve almost talked myself into it then I worry about time. The fear of standing still for even a little while? The guilt of not using the time to earn money & gain the resources for further travel? The crushing truth that my time is getting more precious as I get older & I can’t squander any more of it…..

I’m keen to get decent wifi & time to mull over my options & come up with some sort of action plan.

To wwoof or not to wwoof? That is this weeks question.

North Island New Year Roadtrip

I am starting my New Year in style! I will be exploring the North Island with my pal in a camper van with the Irish flag emblazoned upon it. I feel very patriotic with a dash of expat missing home nostalgia.


The sun setting in Taupo, 2015



New Years Eve in Taupo

FullSizeRender 6


New Years Day geothermal cleanse



Kiwi ingenuity at it’s best: a park bench boat

FullSizeRender 4


FullSizeRender 5

This impressive piece of work took two inspirational kiwi’s 1 week & around $1200 to create. It comes with built in drinks holders, a centrepiece chilly bin & built in bbq (so the sausages don’t roll off!). They have speakers, oars, life jackets & parasols to protect you from the sun. It really has everything! These guys even took its first test run in the sea. I have fallen in love with the kiwi spirit all over again!


Another geothermal pool



Raining & I just don’t care

FullSizeRender 2

I wasn’t called upon to drive which is fortunate as after spells of driving in Italy, Ireland & Switzerland in the past year I really don’t have a clue which side of the road to drive on – never mind which side the drivers seat is on…. I was in charge of the beats which ranged from hip hop to chilled out instrumentals. I like to think I rocked it.

Next time you see two white freckled Irish people in a camper van, know that they have probably just jammed to a sick rap beat.

Happy New Year! x



Getting into my rhythm

“Normal life”, I’m doing it! I’m NAILING it! I work 5 days a week, I meet friends & go for coffees. I go to the cinema, go for brunch, go for lunch. I meet people for drinks. Frequently. I go to see plays, I go to the museum, I go for walks & explore. I am really finding my rhythm in Wellington.

It is so freeing to have allocated days off, a set start time & the opportunity to give shifts away for an extra day off.

I wonder why I busted my balls for so long working more than one job, doing 60+ hours a week, being on call with no reimbursement, not giving my personal time the priority it was crying out for.

I am basking in this newfound normality.


Time to pack up my life

The upheaval is on the horizon. In the next week I shall be moving to Lausanne. Time to have high hopes of reinventing myself, my lifestyle & my future. This will all fade, of course, when daily life & work happens – but I live in hope. With every move I endeavour to find improvements in my self & my happiness. I imagine I will continue to do so for years to come, despite the apparent lacking success rate.

The thought of packing up my life again makes me feel weary, but this is the lifestyle I have picked so I have to deal with it. Tough shit to me. I’ve made my temporary bed, time to make it somewhere else again & lie in it.


I am lost.


I don’t know where to go or what to do next. It looks like I’m staying put in the alps until the end of February but what next??? I have my New Zealand visa patiently waiting to be used… I have been offered 4 jobs but haven’t committed to any & have no idea which direction to proceed with.

Normally a job comes up & take it because either it’s better than what I’m currently doing or at an opportune time in my life. Funny how I can’t decide on which one of these. I’m struggling to see a path for myself. I see a busy intersection with heavy traffic in all directions. No road signs of where they are headed to.

Do I stay year round working in Switzerland? Will I get lonely? I know I want the luxury accommodation, pool & gym access that comes with the job. It will be challenging, but I know I can do it & it will be a great experience.
Do I nanny full time in Ireland for a family I love, where I can be close to my friends & family? But leave my thrill seeking sense of adventure behind?
Do I nanny in England for the summer & travel with a great family? Making money & building a strong friendship? Still having the freedom to make travel plans outside of the summer.
Do I nanny in england with more travel for another lovely family? Sure, I get to travel & experience a new life but not on my terms.

I am not financially motivated. I work for money however my quality of life & potential intrinsic rewards I value much greater.


I want something new. I want more. I want some security & I want the opportunity to grow. I want to make new friends. I want to have some normalcy. I want something completely different to sink my teeth in. I want it all. I may end up with nothing. Missed opportunities & day dreams.

Today will be a serious making plans day. Oh, to have the 9-5 life where I don’t have to make big life changing decisions quarterly.

Who am I kidding. I’m not ready to go back to that just yet….. But secretly, occasionally I look forward to settling down & living with a peaceful security.


nuala poppins

How we do changing bags on the slopes

How we do changing bags on the slopes

It’s a wonder what distraction can do to your plans. When I left you I was giving myself a week to organise this nomadic life & sure enough, almost 3 weeks later – I have not. I have not booked flights. I have not made arrangements. I have not even given it a moments thought. It’s amazing what throwing yourself into work can do to your idle daydreaming!

I have been busy day & night nannying. Not exactly what I went to university for…… *frowns at degree*

I am enjoying it & paying my bills so that’s acceptable. Right???

*Cries into my chocolate chaud*

*Tears up Sports Rehabilitation degree & regrets years of wasted time, money, cpd, volunteering, networking & skill honing*

I don’t have any nanny qualifications but being Irish & growing up in a big family with around 50 cousins can do wonders to build up many, many  reluctant hours of undesired childcare experience. I have been very lucky because the children I have been minding have been very easy & manageable. Many parents have told me that my laid back attitude (which I wasn’t aware I possessed) makes the kids content & happy in my company . The parents can relax knowing their babies are being looked after by a competent former childcare slave. I guess this is the part where I thank my family for the enforced hours of childcare labour they encouraged! Basically my confidence & competence is attributed to my cousins’ survival under my youthful care.

If you wish to follow my progress I give updates on my twitter account when I have a moment….  @nulskii #livetweetbabysitting

All plans are on hold while I am busy working. I am as ever awaiting that elusive call to work in Formula 1 or another travel opportunity. Is ‘Waiting for an opportunity’ an actual plan? Can I get away with that? As long as I’m earning while I’m basking in phenomenal views & great company, I don’t feel too bad about staying put.