Krabi Cookery Course

Thai food is amazing!

I did a Thai cookery course in Chaing Mai a few years ago & I absolutely loved it. I learnt, laughed & ate amazing food – Perfection! It was so much fun I couldn’t resist booking on another when I got to Krabi.

There are so many to choose from in Krabi. I browsed the selection of flyers in my hostel & picked my favourite menu. I booked via the hostel & the next day I was collected & taken to the cookery school. The lady who collected me was lovely, although a bit of a cheesy sense of humour. She was trying her best to be funny – the type of funny my grandparents might find endearing. I kept smiling to be polite, although I found her borderline annoying. Then I met her husband. Think of a kids tv presenter on speed & you’ll get a vague insight to how cheesy, enthusiastic & immature he is. His ‘sense of humour’ was totally not for me. I found him to be too loud & energetic, treating our group of 6 in their late twenties as though we were 5 years old. He induced hangover like symptoms within me. My head was pulsating, my tolerance levels non existent & my will to live excruciatingly low.

This guy took the entire course to my utter dismay. My food was incredible but by the end of it my patience had worn very thin (not that patience is my forte anyway) & I had a headache from his shouting & shit jokes. I just want to cook & eat dammit! I felt sorry though because he was only trying his best to entertain us – he just misinterpreted the group mood/age. My eyes got whiplash from all the involuntary eye rolls.

I made Papaya salad, Cashew chicken stir fry, Penang Curry & coconut rice desert. It all tasted amazing & I could barely eat half of it. We all took our leftovers home & left nursing full bellies & content taste buds.

I’m sure I’ll do another Thai cookery course the next time in Thailand. I will, however, ensure I hear good reviews about the instructor because this guy totally ruined my experience & made it completely unenjoyable.


2 thoughts on “Krabi Cookery Course

  1. Sounds delicious. Cooks on Tuk Tuks is great in Siem reap if you heading over to Cambodia anytime. Also re books with a Thai flavour – “The Half-Child. Jane Feeney P.I.and the Pattaya Case” is a great read. Crime writing with a social conscience. Good read. You might have to purchase as a an e – book.

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