Fitness Retreat Day 5: Post liver cleanse

Warning: Please don’t read at breakfast, if you are queasy or aren’t into disgusting details about my bum or poo! I completely understand! Apologies in advance!

My alarm is set for 6am for my third epsom salt mixture which goes down with difficulty. A fellow inmate has come to check on me & he seems surprised I am doing so well. I have a dooming feeling that my strife is still ahead of me. Before 8am one of the staff members come to check on me & they are also surprised I am quite perky & haven’t been on the toilet all night. I take my forth & final epsom salt mixture, go to the bathroom, wait an hour or more then I go to the main area for a coconut water & my morning carrot juice. By this stage I’m feeling so bloated & uncomfortable. Everyone thinks I got off easy with my liver cleanse but I know it isn’t over.

The juices seem to do the trick & soon enough I am back on the toilet with a bowl of yellow bile. Please tell me this detox is good for me & I’m punishing my body for a faddy quick health fix! I feel really terrible so I lay in bed, miss my juices & manage to peel myself up 2 hours later for my massage. A massage is probably not a good idea, or a safe one in my delicate condition but I love massages so I can’t resist. I make it through the massage without any leakage issues & have to go & take my nutrients & another juice after. I’m feeling great at this point & having a laugh with me fellow inmates.

Next up is my colonic. This was hell. My poor bum was already sore from all the acid I’d been expelling & the colonic cramped up my stomach the whole time. I was getting hot sweats & a lot of discomfort. By this stage there was nothing solid left in me. Fasting, the charcoal husks & colonics for the last 4 days have completely emptied me of any waste I was storing up. After an hour & a half of discomfort I think I’m done. I climb into bed & try to nap it off.

I got up in time for soup at 5pm & only managed 1 bowl instead of my usual 2. I was feeling a bit lethargic & sorry for myself but, despite my unsteady legs, when someone mentioned a swim I quickly joined them. It’s so peaceful relaxing in the warm water in the last hues of sunset. We chatted for 2 hours watching the world go by before making our way out of the dark sea. I’m meeting some really interesting lovely people at this retreat. I’m so glad day 5 is over & I hope to be back to my normal self by the morning.


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