My New Body & Mind


Two years ago a work colleague recommended a detox/weightloss retreat to me. Her results were amazing & she was really happy about her experience & spoke so enthusiastically about it. This weighed (pun intended) on my mind for two years. I would email them to enquire about it when I was feeling unhappy about my body & always deem it too expensive. A few weeks ago it popped into my mind again for some reason. I enquired, again. It was still very expensive for me, again. But something had changed this time. There has been a shift in my mindset.

I have slogged my arse off saving money & now I am having an experiential journey of exploration with my savings. I am living on a budget – which makes travelling less guilt inducing for me (damn you catholic guilt forever haunting me!). A splurge would surely make me feel anxious. Surely there are better causes & more sensible investments to make??

Then I considered my health & my happiness. It is a lot of money but I feel like it’s time to take the step & make a commitment & invest time & money into my wellbeing.

I’m not morbidly obese but I can feel down about myself when I’m surrounded by beautiful people with banging bodys. I know most people feel some degree of insecurity & self consciousness. I’m not sure whether mine was exacerbated by my bullying big brother or psycho ex boyfriend who would both run me down using any ammo available to them. Or maybe I’m just a normal level of self depreciating? Who knows? Answers on a postcard folks!

Either way, I feel like this will be a positive step to reclaiming my self esteem & body. I took the step. I made the 50% deposit. I booked flights to Thailand. I’m in!!!!


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