Meditation!? I need a fecking prozac!

Meditation!? I need a fecking prozac!

Tomorrow I start a reiki level 2 course & a course on shiatsu. The school I am doing the course with are also providing me with food & accommodation during my stay & I can attend the 7am Dynamic Meditation class & 9am Yoga class. The accommodation I’m staying in is not very nice.

Reaching for the bathroom light, I accidentally held hands with the biggest spider I’ve ever met in my life.

When I returned to my room traumatised from the spider incident there were 3 massive disgusting cockroaches frolicking on my bed.

Yes, a small old Nepalese woman slaughtered all the miniature beasts with her bare hands.

Yes, I did stand by helplessly involuntarily emitting frantic high pitched sounds.

Yes, I am a big baby.

I think it will take the week of meditation to get over this – if I don’t slowly poison tonight from all the bug spray I’ve saturated the room in…..



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