Solo Traveller – Plus one

I am a seasoned solo traveller & I adore the flexibility this offers me. I am happy to travel with fellow backpackers & I meet so many people in hostels & in the streets that I rarely feel lonely. I have ended up travelling with my Brazilian friend for over 2 weeks now. Two. Long. Testing. Weeks.

I’m not adjusting well to the constant, relentless, suffocating company.

I am not used to waiting 5 plus minutes every time I leave the hostel or a restaurant. I am exceptionally impatient & expressive so it is obvious when I am unimpressed waiting for someone for the tenth time that morning. She is sucking the life out of me! 

When I met her in India I presumed she was capable & independent as a backpacker considering she was travelling alone in India. Then it became apparent she came to India on an organised group trip. She went from a company managing her bookings & itinerary to me. She has been tagging on to my plans, leaving me to do everything & only contributing to complain. I find her ungrateful, greedy nature tiresome & frustrating.

We have a laugh & get along well but I feel like I am her guide & it is hard work! To spend my days & nights intertwined with someone who I find to be so much hard work is suffocating. Even to have someone asking me about my every move is trapping when I am used to so much freedom. I miss my easy going Australian friend I stayed with in McLeod Ganj. We were the perfect travel companions, laid back, independent & happy to do things on our own. We were very low maintenance & easy going.

The language barrier is a big struggle also. My Portuguese is non existent & her english isn’t great, add my accent into the mix & it makes for drawn out conversations about nothing interesting. There are only so many times you can explain a witty comment before you lose the urge to say anything remotely funny. I am losing the will to be sarcastic & humourus. These are the foundations of my very being!

I don’t know how long I can continue like this for. I don’t want to abandon her & make her feel unsafe, insecure & out of her depth in a new country. I couldn’t do that to someone. I would just adore some alone time, a bit of appreciation for ALL of the organising & a bit of consideration. But yes, I’m hoping we part ways soon. Rant over.

How are your travel relationships? Do you travel alone or with people? Do your crave your own space? I’m curious to see if I’m alone on this as none of my friends would consider solo travel.


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