Book Club: The Shock of the Fall

The Shock of the Fall is the debut novel of Nathan Filer & 2013 Costa Book of the year & debut novel of the year winner.
I read it in 2 days – half of it on a 12 hour night bus from Dharamshala to Delhi & the rest during my 12 hour wait at the airport. It is a sad tale of a boy with mental issues coping with the death of his brother at a young age. It follows him through to his late teens as he navigates through his life carrying his haunting guilt.
I enjoyed the sincere, honest style of writing. It felt like the author was speaking to me as a confidant. The story is touching & certainly put me in a more thoughtful mindset. It is similar to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon (if you haven’t read this yet I really recommend it).
Next up will have to be a more upbeat book! Recommendations ALWAYS welcome!

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