Arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal

Do you know that ambience you feel? I think every area has a certain atmosphere about it. Even an empty room. I’m not sure whether it’s the atmosphere of the room or the residual atmosphere created by people who were last in it. As soon as I landed in Nepal I felt it. I was much more relaxed & basking in the pleasant atmosphere. The queue at immigration was non existent for foreigners & the clerks were patient & friendly when telling each of us what to do when we kept approaching with incomplete forms.

FYI you need the following:

  1.  The immigration form (your airline might give you this inflight)
  2.  Another form which I got from a clerk
  3. You have to pay for your visa at another counter (I paid 38euro for a 30 day visa) & take the receipt with you

It was a delight chatting to the friendly clerks. They wholeheartedly welcomed me & recommended places for me to visit. …flashback to Malaysia when the immigration clerk didn’t speak to me & burped in my face when he stamped my passport. The baggage area was small & packed with people. It took a while for our luggage to appear so I merrily sat on the ground reading my book. Upon leaving the airport, security requested my boarding pass stub to confirm the luggage was mine I presume. Luckily I didn’t throw this out already! I arranged with my hostel for a taxi to Thamel for 1200NRP (£8). This is a luxury I don’t normally indulge in but I think it was worth it to not have to think anymore after my day & a half in transit & without valid currency.

In comparison to India I already have a good feeling about Nepal. I am exhausted from my non stop travel of over 30 hours. Tucked up in bed in my new hostel I stretch out my legs with glee at finally being comfortable & horizontal. I adore this position.

What a long, mentally challenging day & physically exhausting day of nothingness.

I’m like Guinness, I don’t travel well.


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