Meeting Mooji

A guy I met in Goa gave me a book to read by Mooji (you can read my book review here). Mooji is a spiritual leader & direct follower of the much loved & respect guru Papaji. My friends obvious enthusiasm & passion for Mooji peaked an interest within me & I quickly devoured the book. I admit that not all his teachings & theories were easily digestible for me but I am open to learn more.

Imagine my delight at seeing posters for a satsang with Mooji in Rishikesh while I was there! Surely this is more than a coincidence! I had to go. The next morning I got up early, hurriedly (& extremely stressfully) crossed the monkey bridge & made my way to Swami Swatantranand Ashram for the open satsang. People warned me about the massive queues waiting to get in & I read online about their queuing policy so I expected to be waiting a long time in line – imagine my delight when I arrived 30 minutes before it began & was able to walk straight in! I think the crowds were waiting early to get a good seat however I much preferred just strolling in & not having to wait. The hall looked really pretty & there were singers on the stage sounding beautiful. It was a relaxed vibe & people seemed spiritually tuned & excitedly anticipating seeing Mooji. I was so curious to see what I would get from the satsang & hoped I would absorb something of value.

The hall was about half full when I arrived & I sat on the floor about halfway down the hall. It quickly filled & we were tightly packed on the floor. My legs & bum were already numb by the time he started, 30 minutes late.

Mooji walked onto the stage & the crowd gasped & strained to see him. He seemed friendly with a warm face, good nature & calming presence. He invited the audience to participate & selected people to ask questions. Many hands shot up grasping at the opportunity to speak to Mooji. People asked for help in finding the right path, they asked why they still felt lost & what more can they do. People got up to thank Mooji & others asked complicated questions I couldn’t keep up with. Mooji answered them in a humoured manner. When he made a joke the crowd erupted laughing, holding on to his every word.

Coming from a Catholic upbringing which I found wholly uninspiring I found it so interesting so see people completely consumed by this spiritual figure. They were engrossed in this physical presence & deep, meaningful teachings. They nodded reverently & passionately when he made a point & you could tell that they were affected by this encounter. I remained as a bystander & did not reach my spiritual enlightenment as hoped.

Part of me would love to be devoted to something I believed so strongly in. I think it would completely change my priorities & erase all my idle mindless thoughts & selfish wanderings. On the other hand I like having my own mind & opinions & being on the trail to self discovery. I don’t want to worship another human… I would be happy to follow someone, on a more casual level, whose beliefs I trusted & could broaden my mind. I am not ready to join a cult, for now anyway!

If you are interested in finding out more about Mooji I will add the link to his website here.


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