Hampi Sunset, India

The sunset in Hampi is stunning. Next to The Goan Corner is the most incredible haphazard boulder formation. It looks so surreal! It felt like desert yet there were trees & rice paddies & jungle nearby. Imagine the set of a star wars movie with temples from The Jungle Book & an Indiana Jones-esque feel. You’re close!

Before sunset locals & backpackers gather on top of these huge rocks to bask in the sunset. There are drummers, singers & even a guy who does a mean didgeridoo impression. Seriously, I was so impressed someone dragged a didgeridoo up the rocks & looked & he was just making the sound with his mouth. This is India!

My iPhone camera does not do the incredible scenery justice, stunning!

Unfortunately we rushed up to the sunset & I only had my iPhone on me, hence the quality of the pictures aren’t the best. I hope you can get a glimpse at what the area was like. It felt like another world to me.

This view though….

The massive boulders are so impressive! If you enjoy bouldering then this could be your happy place – & not just Hampi, there are other areas nearby with amazing bouldering. Unfortunately at 40 degrees I couldn’t function enough to learn a new sport. The area is full of people walking athletically towards the rocks with a crashed on their back. I enjoyed hearing people ponder whether they were spare mattresses to sleep on & whether they climbed with them attached to their backs, they don’t.

The rocks had been cooking at high temperatures all day so be prepared for a toasty seat once you get up there. I was sweating so much after sunset just from the heat being passed through from the rocks! I had to use my flip flops as a seat barrier to prevent me from poaching in my own juices. I’ll let you savour that visual.

The kids were so charming & all the backpackers were obviously impressed by them

There were small children on the top of the rocks selling Chai. They were adorable & each were astute business children! They sucked us in with small talk & always tried to double our orders. They were cuties, quick minded & confident. Such intuitive little salespeople! I really hope they reap the benefits of their child labour. I mean that sincerely. I see the benefits in that they are improving their english, they are confident interacting with people, savvy, clever & don’t seem to be miserable doing this – although they are very young, maybe under 10 years old!

The music continued long after the sun went down. I teetered down the rocks before it got too dark, showered off the day & curled up in bed for a proper good nights sleep. Bliss. Thank you Hampi!


2 thoughts on “Hampi Sunset, India

  1. These photos are stunning, and yes I am super interesting in Bouldering, so a sunset AND a great place to boulder? sign me up!!! Thank you so much for this awesome post!! I’ll be writing about a sunset in Paris soon if you’d like to check out my travel blog! 🙂 I am so looking forward to more of your posts!

  2. Thanks Brooke! Hampi had such a stunning backdrop making it a unique & special place. Let me know if you ever get there! I’ve just followed you & look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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