Time to forcibly remove myself from Goa, India??

FullSizeRender 104

Goa has a surreal power over people. It sucks you in & leaves you powerless to leave her tight, relentless grip. I felt this my first day in Goa & realised it may be a difficult place to leave. That & the heat. I find everything difficult in the heat. So when two other people from Summer hostel made plans to leave I immediately invited myself along & used them as my crutch to escape the clutches of Goa*.

For some strange reason there are no atm’s in the busy beach area in Palolem. I went to the nearest one about 2Km from the beach but that was out of service. As were the next two I struggled in the midday sun to reach. I needed to pay for my hostel so I seemed to just be walking until I found a working atm. The fourth one was working & had A/C which was a pure delight! If you go to Palolem take enough cash to save yourself this heatstroke/time consuming experience.


Can you see the two men chopping down the coconuts?

Other people in the hostel said Goan Corner was the place to stay in Hampi. We looked online but weren’t able to book everything so one of the guys rang them. They didn’t take any details from him & told him don’t worry, just turn up. He looked slightly bemused when he came off the phone unsure whether he had booked or not. This is something we have grown accustomed to in India! The laid back lack of urgency in all exchanges takes a while to get used to!

FullSizeRender 105.jpg

A stray street dog seeking shade under the sun lounger. They dig into the sand to create a cool patch to lie in, so clever.

Sad but revived to be leaving Goa I spent my last day reading by the beach, wandering around, avoiding shops beckoning me inside & eating great food! There are great juice bars in our area & in the 40 degree heat the juices are so refreshing. I’m not sure if I’ll come back to Goa. I have really enjoyed it & it is very beautiful but my encounter a few nights ago has certainly soured my memory of the area.

*Not that I don’t love Goa – I want to explore more of India.


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