Book Club: Breath of the Absolute – Dialogues with Mooji

I was having a heart to heart with a new friend I met & he thrust this book into my hands. Breath of the Absolute: Dialogues with Mooji by Mooji. My friend told me about Mooji, a spiritual teacher & direct disciple of Guru Papaji. From what I’ve grasped, his main teachings are on self enquiry & discovery where one of his questions may be ‘to whom do these thoughts arise?’ – making you query a lot more than your initial issue & opening up a whole new world of questions.


I immediately immersed myself in it & finished it in 2 days. I come from a traditional religious upbringing however I am not religious. I try to be a good person by being kind, helpful, generous, considerate to others… You get the idea.
My spiritual side is in its infancy. I am open to everything but I am yet to have a strong impulse to change my religion or follow a guru. I was very interested to take this book & I devoured it over 2 days at Palolem beach in Goa.
The idea of this book is to open it at random & read as you wish. My logical mind did not adore this method of reading & when I knew I read most of it I had to go from front to back to ensure I had read every page.
I admit some of his teachings went completely over my head but I did take some valuable aspects from this book. It did however open me up to a completely new world of self enquiry. Previously I was happy to go about my life minding my own business & now I want to know more. I want to question why I’m here & what my purpose is. Surely there is more to this thing we call life?? I endeavour to investigate further.
I have to return the book to its faithful owner, but if I had kept it for myself I would definitely read through it often. I really enjoyed the philosophical diversity it brought to my library of non fiction, novels, popular psychology & sports autobiographies. A good introduction to Mooji – Thank Rahul!

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