Do you dive??

I’ve ventured 15,000 feet above land, now to delve beyond sea level…..
Any advice on PADI Open Water Diver course? I’m contemplating doing it in Bali. Holler at me if you have recommendations or advice. Friends have highly recommended places in Thailand to learn to dive though I doubt I’ll make it there in this trip.
Ever thankful *bows & backs into the shadows*

4 thoughts on “Do you dive??

  1. I can only second what your friends say and highly recommend Thailand. However, i did my advanced open water in Mabul, Borneo which was also pretty incredible… if you’re lucky enough you may have the time to dive the world famous Sipidan dive location! Check it out 🙂

    • Wow! I bet it was amazing! Maybe I’ll hold off until I visit Thailand again – thanks!
      Sipadan looks incredible!!! Another place to add to my list….. 😂

  2. Hi 🙂
    I’ve just got my PADI Open Water and while I did mine in the UK so I don’t personally know about Thailand or Bali yet, I have heard they are great places for diving! I’d definitely recommend doing Open Water, it qualifies you to 18 metres which is a good depth to see all the marine life.
    Hope you enjoy diving!

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