The next stop after Franz Josef was Wanaka! My friends have spoken to me about Wanaka before & you can tell from their facial expressions that they just adore it. The bus drive was 8 hours of nothing much as it rained for the duration.

FullSizeRender 35

I hear it’s beautiful when you can see the mountains….

Wanaka is a picturesque resort town with a relaxed, cool atmosphere. It has plenty of cute shops, bars & restaurants. My friends are planning to move here in the Winter to do a ski season & I know they’ll have a great life here. I’m tempted to join them….

FullSizeRender 34

Beautiful Lake Wanaka on a drizzly, cloudy day

We stayed at Base Backpackers* in Wanaka. Our room had about 4 plugs for 8 people & no floorspace once us & our bags were crammed in. The kitchen for the whole hostel was also quite small & difficult to cook in because there were so many people. My room was above the bar/club & the music was pumping out of it when we were getting ready for bed, even with the window shut. I would not stay here again.

FullSizeRender 36

Hitching again

The next day there wasn’t enough room on the Stray bus so myself & another girl hitch hiked to Queenstown. We got picked up within 15 minutes by two fun & friendly kiwi girls. They were a laugh & the drive took around an hour. They were showing us their new tattoos they got the day before – this girl REALLY likes avocados!


Meet Arthur the Avocado!

FullSizeRender 32

The road from Wanaka to Queenstown

*Base Backpackers Wanaka



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