I say Melaka, you say Malacca

Keen not to limit my time in Malaysia to solely Kuala Lumpur I am on the road again bound for Melaka aka Malacca. It’s a 2 hour bus journey from KL in the same style of small spacious bus I got from Singapore to KL & cost 11RM (approx £1.60). It is a shame to move on from KL just after making fun new friends, but I feel it’s not the city for me – bad day or not. It isn’t really in my nature to hang around one place anyway when there is so much more to see. It’s a big wide world out there folks!

Melaka is a UNESCO World heritage site. It has an interesting history and was once the biggest trading port of Southeast Asia. It has been captured by & endured rule from the Portuguese, Dutch & British.
When I arrived I took a local bus from the station to the town centre. The bus driver & his assistant were incredibly rude when I asked for confirmation of which stop I should get off. They were being rude to everyone so I felt less isolated. I was determined not to be put off by somewhere by its rude inhabitants after being burped at upon entering Malaysia & letting that set the tone for my day.
The streets of Melaka are saturated with heavily decorated bicycle rickshaws. The craftsmanship & effort that goes into making them as flash & desirable as possible is impressive! I kindly declined many offers but I can see how small children would be tempted with all the vibrant character themes. To my amusement, at night, most were covered in garish flashing lights. You really cannot miss these if you visit, even if you want to!
My hostel is The Lavender hostel. The guy in reception was friendly & welcoming but my room & the bathroom were grubby. The walls were so thin I could hear everyone & feel like I got what I paid for: 27RM (£4) for a single room. I didn’t even shower as I imagined I would feel dirtier afterwards. I was glad I was only there for one night – although it wasn’t so bad that I wanted to find somewhere else to stay. It was in a good location as well, but I won’t be tempted to return if I ever end up back in Melaka!
Everyone seemed friendly although, in hindsight, no one really struck up conversation with me or gave me a big welcoming smile. I was alone & I felt safe enough.

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