High hopes of Street food in Kuala Lumpur

Off I went on my merry way with a heart full of excitement for street food & a nose smelling what was not quite that…..

I headed to Jalan Alor ready for street food! In a bid to relive my Thai experience I stopped off at the first respectable looking massage shop I seen. My thriving enthusiasm dulled when I heard the guy before me debating about which girl he wanted to book & getting frustrated the one he wanted had disappeared. Not one to enjoy a massage on a jizzed table I promptly vacated.

I arrived in Jalan Alor & I’m not sure if it was my terrible sleeping pattern, that I have been so out of touch with street food, arrived a bit too early, or that I had vision of Chiang Mai on my mind – but I was ever so slightly disenchanted. I had specific dishes I really fancied & settled for something else. I didn’t have my 4 thai condiments. I didn’t have the sweet desserts I had been wishing for…. I came to the wrong country.
After my average meal I walked around for hours & didn’t note anything of great splendour. Ok, so the Malaysian GP takes place an hour away in Sepang so that warmed my cockles. As did seeing the Petronas Towers as they feature heavily in the F1 coverage over that weekend. The shopping complex in the towers has a Sephora which made me happy. That sums up my shallow day.

The evening included a SHIT massage, seeing a ginormous rat on the street & with defeat chowing down on an average Thai meal in the heart of Chinatown. This may all be absolutely linked to my feeling upon entering Malaysia. The belch was a sign!!! This is just my mood at the time so bear with me, tomorrow could be entirely different!


4 thoughts on “High hopes of Street food in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Haha, sounds like you had a shitty day 😛

    KL actually has lots of things to offer, you just need to know where to look. Although a lot of my friends say Batu Caves is overrated, I still think it’s a good place to soak in some culture and maybe snap photos of monkeys. That, or you could visit Thean Hou Gong, it’s a massive Chinese temple on a hill with really nice architecture.
    If you’re looking for everything in one place, drop by Lake Gardens. There’s a Bird Park in it, a Planetarium, a Police Museum and an Islamic Arts Museum, all within walking distance.
    Hope your next day in KL will be better. 🙂


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