I made time *sad face*

In my last post I complained that my running resolution for March would be hindered because I had no time. All this week my schedule was jam packed with work, doing between 13-17 hour days daily. It looks like the universe accepted my wish to have more free time & lo & behold – Look! I even have time to blog.

The universe took my shitty comment that I didn’t have time because I had so much work on. The universe struck me down with a fucking misery inducing, vomiting & diarrhoea bug granting me physically incapable of work. Incapable of walking, eating, sipping water, calling for help, maintaining a regular comfortable body temperature or taking medication. Oh to be healthy at work again & to have no time would be bliss!

I was in a dark place during the last 2 days but now my body seems to have settled & I may even contemplate solid food beyond ice cubes! I was so sick the thought of food made me wretch – now this is not the self proclaimed ‘foodie’ we know & love. Needless to say that my skin care went downhill when my poor face got splashed with puke, drenched in sweat & treated to ‘vomit steams’ over the toilet bowl. Yuk.

I am losing out on so much money from not working this busy week. It shouldn’t be on my mind but my never-turn-down-work policy is being compromised. Not only can I not earn, I am also unable to run or snowboard – which is exactly what I wished to do with any free time. *mad face* The universe has not helped me in any way whatsoever. At least I am not spending money on food or booze because I can’t physically eat or drink anything apart from ice cubes. The only good thing is that I can class this as a detox period which will hopefully result in a dramatic weight loss. If only! Although even then it wouldn’t be worth the dark place I was in.

I seem to be on the road to recovery thankfully. I wish everyone good health. I’ve said it a lot over the past month – you don’t value your health until something goes wrong. As minor as my bug was compared to other peoples’ problems, I still felt terrible & will not take my health for granted anymore.

You will appreciate that I am not sharing any pictures of my sickness with you 🙂


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