My Alpine Life


As predicted, I am straight back to work when I get back to Verbier. Nannying or massaging by day & babysitting by night. I am lucky I am not a big skier as I don’t have the free time to actually ski! I will hopefully be working non stop through to the end of February – & hopefully saving enough money for my next few adventures. I need to write a bucket list to weed through what I really want to do & see in that big wide world.


I’m still enjoying nannying…. (She says trying to get a crying toddler to sleep). I have been fortunate to have good kids, the days go quickly, the families are nice & the pay is good. I recommend it to anyone who has childcare experience. I’m not sure if I’m using all my maternal instincts up now & when I have my own kids I’ll be so over children by then…. The risks I take to make a wage!

I need to look forward to what’s next on the agenda. 2015 is going to be my busiest most jam packed with travel & adventure year! Bring. It. ON!!!!!!


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